• They had beautiful produce


“Real food from local farmers is at the root of the Cooking Bright philosophy. As the daughter of a farmer I learned early the amazing difference fresh local flavor can make.”

Jessica Bright is a Food Enthusiast and Kitchen Enabler that has a passion for encouraging home cooks to explore new flavors. She is a mom, trained chef, educator, radio and television personality, and a published author.  She conducts cooking classes and has contributed to several cookbooks.

Originally from a small farm in southeastern North Carolina, Jessica learned early on to appreciate the land and what it could grow. When her family’s business grew to include a fish market, she learned a great deal about seafood and how to prepare it by working there.

The book Fat Chance by Julie Hadden, a Season 4 finalist on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, includes recipes that Jessica created as healthy alternatives to Hadden’s favorite foods. Jessica also co-wrote The Shannon Miller Healthy and Balanced Pregnancy Cookbook with Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller. Read more…


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