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Turkey Tetrazzini- a leftover solution!

When I first met my husband, he was surviving on hamburger and pizza alone.  I was surprised after we married to find that he actually had a cookbook that his mother had prepared for him before he moved off to … Continue reading

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Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey–what can I do with all the leftovers?

This past week, many of our homes have been filled with the fragrance of giant birds cooking for our favorite national feast, Thanksgiving. Though budgets are lean and most Americans are cutting back where they can, the turkey is one … Continue reading

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Turkey Trauma! And ways to avoid it

Thanksgiving seems to be the most challenging day in the kitchen for many cooks.  Many might be more thankful if they weren’t so distressed by their culinary responsibilities.  Ovens that sit cold 364 days of the year are put to … Continue reading

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Gobble-gobble it up…Shallot Gravy for your turkey

BRINING YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY: One of the things that creates the most fear and complaints at a Thanksgiving feast is a dry turkey!  I have an excellent way to avoid that:  Brining is a wonderful way to add moisture and … Continue reading

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Planning Lunch For Back To School

Another summer vacation is drawing to a close as another school year starts. Studies now show that the food our kids consume isn’t just fuel to give them energy. The choices that students (or their parents) make affect concentration, behavior, … Continue reading

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