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Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey–what can I do with all the leftovers?

This past week, many of our homes have been filled with the fragrance of giant birds cooking for our favorite national feast, Thanksgiving. Though budgets are lean and most Americans are cutting back where they can, the turkey is one … Continue reading

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“Can” you taste the difference? Homemade Cranberry sauce recipe- from your oven!

Is fresh really best when it comes to the cranberry?  It is amazing that these tiny tart berries hold such an esteemed place at family tables as we celebrate Thanksgiving.  How to prepare the berry is a controversy some families … Continue reading

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Turkey Trauma! And ways to avoid it

Thanksgiving seems to be the most challenging day in the kitchen for many cooks.  Many might be more thankful if they weren’t so distressed by their culinary responsibilities.  Ovens that sit cold 364 days of the year are put to … Continue reading

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Gobble-gobble it up…Shallot Gravy for your turkey

BRINING YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY: One of the things that creates the most fear and complaints at a Thanksgiving feast is a dry turkey!  I have an excellent way to avoid that:  Brining is a wonderful way to add moisture and … Continue reading

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Terrific Thanksgiving Side Dish: Roasted Brussels Sprouts- A notorious vegetable you really should love

I’ll admit it, long ago even I cringed at the thought of Brussels sprouts. As a child, the few times I had them they were the grey, formerly frozen variety that smell unpleasant thus seeming to taste even worse. But … Continue reading

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