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Lucky Irish Eggs

When I first saw Scotch eggs on the menu of an Irish pub a few years ago, I’ll be honest, the description both fascinated and horrified me. This rich dish is traditionally made by surrounding a hard boiled egg with … Continue reading

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Breakfast Focaccia Biscuits

My Mema used to make the best sausage and cheese biscuits every Christmas.  I can remember the absolute chaos in her kitchen as she and her three daughters (one being my step-mother) created the amazing feast for our Christmas meal with … Continue reading

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Low Country Boil

In the coastal communities of the Carolinas, Low Country Boil became a popular way to cook seafood for a crowd. Low Country Boil is a classic southern dish, originally known as Frogmore Stew or Beaufort Stew. These two names come … Continue reading

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Father’s Day and Family Gatherings

On Father’s Day this year I’m having a standard family gathering at my house for lunch. About 25 members of my family will appear, famished, after their respective church services. Since like everyone else I’m trying to watch what I … Continue reading

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