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Coco-mocha Cookies—Easter nest cookie treats with coconut oil, chocolate, and macadamia nuts!

Many moons ago, just before Easter, I was born.  It was one of the few times in my life that I was exceptionally early (6 weeks to be exact).  I came home from the hospital just before Easter Sunday. Since … Continue reading

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Strawberry Angel Food Cake

Family recipes are some of the very best you can have. Not only are they normally tried and true, but they often come with precious memories attached.  I have many recipes that I treasure, especially from my grandmothers. For as … Continue reading

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Yum Yum Beignets

I love it when the other members of my family get excited about food. Though they don’t as a rule share my enthusiasm for all things edible, they do get pretty excited when I start talking beignets. I first heard … Continue reading

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Rich Vegan Chocolate Fondue- A Food You Are Sure to Love!

When it comes to a favorite food, I think the majority of women would agree with me when I say it would have to be chocolate!  A 2007 BBC news article quotes Dr. David Lewis of the Mind Lab as … Continue reading

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Basic Sugar Cookies

This recipe creates a very soft sugar cookie if you do not overcook. The color of the cookies should be the same on both the top and bottom with little browning. For variety, try adding lavender, tarragon, lemon zest, lime … Continue reading

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