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Bircher Muesli

I worked in the upscale restaurant at a famous resort many years ago. This restaurant was well-known for their brunch buffet and I was puzzled that they would serve something so unexciting in appearance next to decadent indulgences like smoked … Continue reading

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Another Christmas Garnish

I’ll admit it…I LOVE to play with my food! (Thus my  profession!). I enjoyed the Christmas Tree Garnish so much that I further expanded my Christmas morning oatmeal garnish ideas to include Santa’s hat. Obviously, THIS is how oatmeal is … Continue reading

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Tropical Awesome Oatmeal – Recipe for Steel Cut Oats with Mango, Bananas, and Coconut Oil

In addition to being expensive, cooking for a crowd can also be a lot of work. This versatile recipe is easy to multiply to fit the size of your crowd and it is not very expensive to make.  I love … Continue reading

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Fun in the Kitchen – Kid’s Sushi

Long ago. I worked for a fabulous Disney restaurant called the “California Grill”.  They were famous not only for their delicious fresh dishes but also for their awesome sushi. Not to leave out the kids, they offered a “dessert sushi”.  … Continue reading

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Healthy, Quick Breakfast Ideas

I’m often asked for recipe ideas that can provide a convenient, quick, and healthy breakfast option. One easy option is to make muffins and freeze them for an easy on the go munch, To make them healthier, try substituting unsweetened … Continue reading

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