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Bircher Muesli

I worked in the upscale restaurant at a famous resort many years ago. This restaurant was well-known for their brunch buffet and I was puzzled that they would serve something so unexciting in appearance next to decadent indulgences like smoked … Continue reading

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Decorated Eggs- Adorable Chick Deviled Eggs

Last year, when I told my 9-year-old son we were going to decorate eggs, he got excited. He started plotting and planning what he would do with crayons, markers, and food coloring. When I began to peel the plain white … Continue reading

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Lucky Irish Eggs

When I first saw Scotch eggs on the menu of an Irish pub a few years ago, I’ll be honest, the description both fascinated and horrified me. This rich dish is traditionally made by surrounding a hard boiled egg with … Continue reading

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Eggnog Stuffed French Toast

I was recently asked to provide a Christmas morning recipe for a friend that writes for a local newspaper.  I shared my overnight oatmeal recipe and pulled out one of my favorite breakfast casserole ideas- Stuffed French Toast. I have … Continue reading

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Another Christmas Garnish

I’ll admit it…I LOVE to play with my food! (Thus my  profession!). I enjoyed the Christmas Tree Garnish so much that I further expanded my Christmas morning oatmeal garnish ideas to include Santa’s hat. Obviously, THIS is how oatmeal is … Continue reading

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